Moving house? Waiting for your replacement Shotgun Certificate or Firearms License? Having an issue where you guns need to be stored away from home temporarily? LOOK NO FURTHER! We have the solution for you.

Bring your guns to us to store for you for a very small fee per gun per day. Your guns will be booked into our RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) and paperwork supplied to show the authorities if requested.

There is no time limit for how long you store your guns, from one day to years. All we require is two months payment upfront. If your storage period happens to be shorter you will be refunded your unused storage fee. If you surpass your initial two month upfront payment you will be contacted and required to make a further two months upfront payment and so on.

Please note: Any unpaid storage fees your guns will held until such time as the storage fees are brought up to date or in the worst case your guns taken as payment in lieu.



per day per gun

Comprehensive Insurance
Secure Lockup
High Definition CCTV
Police Linked Alarm System
Licensed Registered Firearms Dealer