Frederick Hadfield Gunmakers 

Since 19th century

Quality shotguns, produced with Italian craftsmanship with British heritage.

The company’s rich history is marked by renovation, quality craftsmanship and significant contribution to the development of firearms technology.


Frederick Hadfield was founded in the early 19th century to the late 20th. It was known not only for high quality shotguns but also pistols and rifles.

They were based in Whittall Street Birmingham, ‘the heart’ of the British Gunmakers outside of London.

Modern times 

Simon Hadfield was keen to keep his descendants name still associated with fine quality shotguns. With his Italian roots, an obvious choice was to collaborate with the finest Italian Gunmakers in Brescia.

Having spent many hours researching and receiving help from Italian friends, an exciting range of modern shotguns has evolved.


All our shotguns are hand engraved and personally signed, making them a piece of art.


Our aim is that everyone who owns a Frederick Hadfield shotgun will gain many hours of pleasure, whilst also committing to excellence, craftsmanship and exclusivity.

The Shotguns 



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