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Super Nano Grease, Gun Oil (Aerosol) 200ml


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Hydrophobic protective agent based on nanoparticles, intended for use on firearms.

Thanks to the use of structures with nanometric dimensions, the agent is characterized by excellent penetration. It covers not only the surface of the element, but also the microcracks arising during the exploitation of the weapon. This translates into improved longevity of the gun.

Thanks to the hydrophobic effect of the coating, it not only mechanically insulates the metal surface from the water but chemically repels the water. Thanks to that, it can be applied directly at the wet surface.

The lubricating effect of the substance reduces friction of individual elements, thanks to which the service of the weapon is easier and the degradation during operation is lower.

Bottle is equipped with extended pipe, facilitating application of the agent.

For comprehensive protection, we recommend the use of other GNP products from the GUN series: Bore Cleaning Foam, Gun Cleaner and Degreaser Cleaner.


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