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Super Nano Detergent Gun Cleaner (Bottle With Atomizer) 150 ml


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Cleaning agent for all types of weapons, removing deposits and dirt generated during use – brass deposits, unburnt gunpowder, carbon, old grease, copper, lead and zinc.

Gun Cleaner is suitable for cleaning all parts of weapons. It is harmless to metal, wood, paint, varnish, ceramics, rubber and plastic, meeting all industrial standards for weapons maintenance.

Thanks to its excellent penetrating properties and convenient form of application through the bottle with atomizer, Gun Cleaner reaches all hard-to-reach places.

The agent does not contain ammonia, is non-flammable, odourless and does not emit toxic fumes. It is biodegradable.

For comprehensive protection, we recommend the use of other GNP products from the GUN series: Bore Cleaning Foam, Gun Oil and Degreaser Cleaner.


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