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Laser rangefinders are, today, a meaningful and accepted piece of equipment for determining range to game and correcting ballistic influences for a reliable shot.

Now that Carl Zeiss has successfully implemented laser rangefinding technology into its Diarange riflescope models, the company will turn to integrating it into observation instruments. The Victory 8 x 45 T* RF binoculars not only features very bright and powerful optics with LED displays, its integrated BIS ballistic information system also delivers the information required to correct the holdover in a fraction of a second.

Additional important features include ease of use and informative, not overloaded display concept – all in an ergonomically design for comfortable handling.

Bright, high-contrast images through the new T* coated optics and self-illuminating LED display instead of weak LCD. The laser rangefinder provides exact determination within a fraction of a second. The one-touch concept ensures fast and precise measurement – simply press the RANGEFINDER button = turn on mark, release RANGEFINDER button = measure.

Ballistic calculation – Integrated Ballistic Information System BIS indicates the correction value for the holdover.


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