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HUMA-AIR Test Tool For FX Dual Stage Reg/Bottle Reg


This tool can be screwed on our FX Dual Stage regulator or Bottle regulator and replaces temporarily the main pressure bottle of the rifle so you can easily test the regulator and fine adjust it to the pressure you want, without draining your pressure bottle every time.

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How does it work:

Instead of the pressure bottle, you can screw this tool on the M18x1,5 male treads of the regulator after you have fitted the regulator to the rifle.
Connect your fill hose to the foster male connection of the regulator. Please note, do not exceed the maximum working pressure of your rifle, with a maximum working pressure of 250 bar on the regulator.
Then you can pressurize the regulator by means of your scuba tank and check the outgoing pressure of the regulator on the gauge of the rifle what is located behind the outgoing side of the regulator.

If you want to correct the set pressure, you can now de-pressurize the regulator by means of the de-pressurizing the fillset of your scuba AND depressurize the action of the rifle because the regulator can acts as a one way valve.
If everything is pressure less you can unscrew the test cap and adjust the regulator by means of the brass set screw.
Then screw the test cap back on the regulator and repeat this procedure until you have reached the settings you prefer.

when you are done testing, replace the test cap for the bottle again and enjoy shooting


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