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Huma-Air Impact Lam. Grip set Sky Blue Lac.


A full set of laminated wooden grips for your FX Impact. The set consists of a handgrip, buttstock, cheekpiece and a cocking lever. Available in 4 colors, with a lacquered or oil finish.

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A great upgrade for your FX Impact with this Laminated Grip Set. These sets contains a handgrip, buttstock, cheekpiece and as a bonus a wooden cocking lever* into the set.
The laminated grip set for the FX Impact are handcrafted by CMG Airguns from Java, Indonesia.
These sets are made of laminated wood** in several colors and they are available in a lacquered (Glossy) or oiled (Matte) finish. The grips are made for right handed people.

They fit all models of  FX Impact (MKI, MKII and M3)

Available colors:

Pepper (Grey) Lacquered
Applejack (Red) Lacquered
Zomie Hunter (Green) Lacquered
Sky (Blue) Lacquered
Pepper (Grey) Oiled
Applejack (Red) Oiled
Zomie Hunter (Green) Oiled
Sky (Blue) Oiled


* The cocking handle is an extra bonus in this set. it is not covered by warranty, because of it’s vulnerable position when the rifle is transported and it is subject to wear and tear during intensive use.
** Laminate is made of wood build up out of multiple different layers, so color nuances, stains or other markings may be visible.

***The cocking lever will need a longer screw then the standard.


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