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HUMA-AIR FX Impact Single Shot Loader .177


Huma-Air’s new re-designed single shot loader or single shot tray for the FX impact. For precise and undamaged loading of your selected pellets. Developed in cooperation with some leading bench rest shooters

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In cooperation with some of the leading 100 meter bench rest shooters Huma-Air have re-designed a single shot loader to achieve the best aligned single shot loader for quick and undamaged loading of you pellets directly into the barrel.
The hinge of the single shot loader swings open with just a tiny bit of force, just enough to keep it open or closed during loading.
A small bumper was applied to the front of the casing so it always placed in the exact same position and it can’t be pushed in to far
Due to the semi fixed position of the single shot loader, the barrel alignment is seamlessly attached to the single shot loader.
Because of this seamless connection to the barrel, the pellet skirt is perfectly protected when loading it into the barrel. Essensial for accuracy!
Fitting or removing this “fixed” single shot loader can be done within 30 seconds.


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