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FX Superior Heavy STX Liner .30 700mm


FX Superior Heavy STX Liner .25 700mm Pellet/Slug Impact Wildcat Dreamline, Crown and Maverick

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The new FX Airguns Superior Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner. Produced in the FX patented way; by pressing the rifling into the barrel from the outside. But now with a higher level of precision, lower tolerances and more tweaks, resulting in a superior liner. There are two types of liners being released for most caliber’s; a standard Superior STX Liner and a Superior STX Heavy Liner. The standard FX Superior STX Liner can shoot a standard weight pellet and Hybrid Slugs, maximizing the accuracy of the FX Hybrid Slug. The FX Superior STX Heavy Liner will be replacing the STX Slug A liners in the coming months. Heavy denotes that this liner has a different twist rate better suited for heavier pellets and heavier slugs (as opposed to lighter weight Hybrid Slugs).


Standard Liner used on all production models and barrel kits. Created to shoot standard weight pellets and Hybrid Slugs. Also Maximizes the accuracy of the FX Hybrid Slug. Lighter Weight slugs from some manufacturers may also shoot well.


Only sold as separate accessory (not as barrel kit). Has a different twist rate better suited for heavier pellets and heavier slugs (as opposed to lighter Hybrid Slugs and some manufacturers lightweight slugs).

Item No Name Length Description Caliber Twist-rate
20362 Pellet liner A 300mm Factory Standard 0.177 1.18
20187 Pellet liner A 380mm Factory Standard 0.177 1.18
19964 Pellet liner A 500mm Factory Standard 0.177 1.18
20243 Superior 300mm Factory Standard 0.22 1.24
20188 Superior 380mm Factory Standard 0.22 1.24
19965 Superior 500mm Factory Standard 0.22 1.24
20011 Superior 600mm Factory Standard 0.22 1.24
20204 Superior 700mm Factory Standard 0.22 1.24
20379 Superior Heavy 380mm Accessory 0.22 1.16
20070 Superior Heavy 500mm Accessory 0.22 1.16
20073 Superior Heavy 600mm Accessory 0.22 1.16
20206 Superior Heavy 700mm Accessory 0.22 1.16
20189 Superior 380mm Factory Standard 0.25 1.24
19976 Superior 500mm Factory Standard 0.25 1.24
19966 Superior 600mm Factory Standard 0.25 1.24
19977 Superior 700mm Factory Standard 0.25 1.24
20072 Superior Heavy 500mm Accessory 0.25 1.18
20071 Superior Heavy 600mm Accessory 0.25 1.18
20069 Superior Heavy 700mm Accessory 0.25 1.18
20190 Superior 395mm Factory Standard 0.25 1.24
20369 Superior 500mm Factory Standard 0.30 1.37
19967 Superior 600mm Factory Standard 0.30 1.37
19978 Superior 700mm Factory Standard 0.30 1.37
20370 Superior Heavy 500mm Accessory 0.30 1.22
20233 Superior Heavy 600mm Accessory 0.30 1.22
20234 Superior Heavy 700mm Accessory 0.30 1.22
20286 Superior 800mm Factory Standard 0.35 1.25


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