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Moly Magic™ is an exclusive Bore Tech product and the only cleaner in the industry formulated specifically to assist in the removal of moly fouling/buildup in rifle bores. The unique blend of penetrants and surfactants allows the Moly Magic to quickly and effectively neutralize harmful corrosives and remove stubborn moly fouling.

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Bore Tech’s Moly Magic™ is the only cleaner in the industry that is formulated exclusively for the removal of molybdenum disulfide (commonly referred to as “moly”) fouling in rifle bores.
Moly Magic uses a sophisticated formulation that allows it to penetrate underneath of the moly fouling and deep into the barrel’s pores. This action loosens the moly fouling from the bore and allows the specially formulated surfactant system to suspend and attract the moly particles to the patch with electrostatic force. This 2 step process greatly increases the cleaning efficiency. Moly Magic also contains powerful surfactants that neutralize strong corrosives found within moly fouling.


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