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Accuracy Solutions BipodeXt TAC2 Gen2 Assembly Piccatinny


The BipodeXt TAC II Gen2 is the compact brother of Accuracy Solution’s flagship model, the TAC III Gen2. This model contains only two, 100% USA made, telescoping carbon fiber tubes. This provides the shooter with a single extension in a compact system tailored for weapons with shorter barrels that are still in use as precision shooting platforms. The progressive wall thickness telescoping tube design allows the shooter to extend the resting point (fulcrum) to the muzzle of most carbine style rifles, thus reducing the point of impact shift caused by unintentional movement at the toe of the rifle system. Recoil is mitigated and easier to manage; shooters are often heard saying “I can spot my own shots!”.

The BipodeXt TAC II Gen2 is made in the USA, with the same engineered tolerance requirements as its larger brother, the TAC III Gen2. Both products were specifically designed and engineered by Accuracy Solutions to provide the perfect fit for practically all field applications. The BipodeXt TAC II Gen2 allows the shooter to move the resting point of their weapon approximately 44 inches away from the toe of the rifle. Fully extended it measures 21.3 inches. Contracted it measures 14 inches. The O.D. of its base tube is 40mm (1.575”), it weighs less than 27 oz.

The TAC III Gen2 is rated for rifles weighing up to 29 lbs. and cartridges up to, and including, .338 LPM.

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