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  • £25.99
    Wooden two-piece rod with split jag, wool mop, phosphor-bronze brush, oil and cloth presneted in a smart box. For use with 12g, 20g, 28g and .410 shotguns. UK threads.
  • £5.00
    A light viscosity mineral oil with unique anti-corrosion properties. Lubricates, protects against rust and corrosion and penetrates damaged metal to loosen rust.
  • £6.99
    Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 is a high quality silicone lubricant which protects and lubricates your guns for the best performance possible. It is highly water repellent, preventing rain and…
  • £6.99
    Prevents stuck choke tubes caused by corrosion, high stress of steel shot, extreme temperatures and repeated trap and skeet shooting.
  • £6.99
    A clear sealer and filler to seal out moisture and fill the grain in one easy step.
  • £11.99
    An extra strength gun blue for steel, touch up or complete reblue.
  • £26.99
    A unique blend of linseed and natural oils which dries fast and will not cloud, yellow or crack with age and resists water damage. Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish penetrates deeply…
  • £6.00
    Bisley Gun Oil is a high quality, light viscosity mineral oil especially formulated for quality sporting guns. Its unique rust inhibitor prevents corrosion and rusting for prolonged reliable performance. It…
  • £2.99
    These flannelette shotgun patches are designed to be used with bore cleaner and a jag to remove stubborn deposits in barrel bores from all shotgun calibres from 12ga through to…
  • £7.99
    Produces a fine high sheen finish on all shotguns, rifles, airguns and accessories, that protects from moisture and dirt, eliminating rusting and corrosion. Highly water and dirt repellent. Beneficial to…

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